Vietnam Motorcycle Club

Vietnam is home of small, moped scooters and motorcycles where lots of motorcycle clubs are available. There is almost one or two motorcycle in every city of Vietnam. The biggest motorcycle clubs are located in the two major cities Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. Most of the Vietnam motorcycle clubs are categorized by the[…]

Vietnam Motorcycle Tours

Vietnam may not be the top destination for all adventurous bikers. Therefore Vietnam has a diverse geographical conditions, long history, rich culture and warm-hearted people offering a wide range of soft adventure travel packages including short motorcycle tours, easy scooter tours, road motorbike tours, multi-day challenging motorcycle tours… Vietnam motorcycle tours is a collection of[…]

Da Nang Weather Climate

Danang is located in the zone of typical tropical monsoon, temperate and equable climate. The city’s weather bears the combination of the north and the south climate characters with the inclination to the former. There are two seasons: the wet from August to December and the dry season from January to July, cold waves are[…]

Ho Chi Minh city Weather Climate

The city has a tropical climate, specifically a tropical wet and dry climate, with an average humidity of 75%. A year is divided into two distinct seasons. The rainy season, with an average rainfall of about 1,800 millimetres (71 in) annually (about 150 rainy days per year), usually begins in May and ends in late[…]

Hanoi Vietnam Climate & Weather Forecast

What is the weather like in Hanoi, when is the best time to visit the city? Autumn (around September to November) and Spring (March and April) are two best seasons to visit Hanoi when the weather is pleasant with milder temperatures. In winder, Hanoi is extremely cold when the temperatures can fall below 10ºC and[…]

Tips for Motorcycle Riding in Vietnam

Don’t take too much luggage. It increases fuel consumption and reduces manoeuvrability. Just because your average Vietnamese can somehow carry three family members, a dog, a month’s groceries and a shop display (complete with stock) on the back of their bike does not mean you can. Along the main highways there are loads of fuel[…]