Tips for Motorcycle Riding in Vietnam

Don’t take too much luggage. It increases fuel consumption and reduces manoeuvrability. Just because your average Vietnamese can somehow carry three family members, a dog, a month’s groceries and a shop display (complete with stock) on the back of their bike does not mean you can. Along the main highways there are loads of fuel[…]

Our Motorbikes

We have a fleet of 125cc, 250cc, 400cc bikes. You will know which bike you will ride before you arrive in Vietnam. Option 1: Honda moped semi-scooter 125cc, 4 stroke-1 cylinder ,smooth shocks, front disc brake. The best choice for beginners. Option 2: Honda motocross XL 125cc or Yamaha YBR 125cc, smooth shocks,( front disc[…]

Da Lat

Nestled at an elevation of around 1500m among the hills of the Lang Bian Plateau, the city of DA LAT is Vietnam’s premier hill station, an amalgam of mazy cobbled streets and picturesque churches, spliced unfortunately with dingy East European-style constructions and touristic kitsch. In 1897, the Governor-General of Indochina ordered the founding of a[…]