Honda XR 125

The Honda XR125L is is a great little commuter and green-laner. It lacks power up top but there’s more than enough for town riding and a spot of fun off-road. It looks absolutely gorgeous, too.


The Honda XR125L’s tall-ish seat gives a commanding riding position (great for city riding) but isn’t out of reach for the average rider. The bike’s narrow and very light, making handling easy and fun. Long travel suspension works well, brakes are ample and it’ll cruise at 50mph comfortably. Fifth gear’s a bit pointless: no extra “go” in it.


The Honda XR125L has a grunty, four stroke single with enough power to propel you around town with ease. Open roads and steep gradients prove a bit too much of a challenge, however. Very similar to the engine of the CLR125 City Fly and XL125R: in other words, it’s extremely reliable and long-lasting.


Plastic panelling ensures expensive dents are kept to a minimum whilst the Honda XR125L’s engine is capable of taking any amount of abuse thrown at it. However, problems with ignition coils and bikes cutting out prompted recalls on some machines. Make sure your bike’s sorted.


The Honda XR125L’s seat’s actually quite comfy, surprisingly, but equipment’s generally on the basic side. There’s a small screen, spoked wheels and a steel rear carrier for tying bits and pieces to.

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  • We want 4 bikes prefer Honda XR 150 or similar .
    We want 1 tour guide, we want train ticket to Lao Cai and take bikes there.
    Please tell me how much:
    1. Each bike per day
    2. Tour guide per day
    3. Train per person plus bike

    Please give me a good price i have already checked a few companies.
    Thanks Martin

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