October 20, 2009

About Us

Before 1989 Vietnam was inaccessible to foreign travelers and all what most people heard about is a country of war. The first foreign tourists have come some years later and Vietnam has been talked about more and more. Many of them came in Vietnam for short excursions, business trips and classic journeys, and motorbike tours were only requested by few adventurous travelers.

Vietnam may not be the top destination for all adventurous motor bikers. Therefore Vietnam has a diverse geographical conditions, long history, rich culture and warm-hearted people offering a wide range of soft adventure travel packages including short motorcycling tours, road motorbike tours, mountain motorcycling holiday.

MotorcyclingVietnam is the smartest travel website that was built, managed and operated by the Lotussia adventure travel team, those who who love active adventure travel including Vietnam Motorbike Tours, Motorcycle Tour Vietnam, Motorbike Ride Vietnam, Vietnam Motorcycle Adventures, Moped Holidays Vietnam, Veitnam Scooter Touring.

After over 4 years of operation, we have established strong relationships with major hotels and local suppliers in all over Vietnam. This enables us to get big deals, great discounts and to work out a wide range of motorcyle, motorbike, motorcycling, motorbiking active adventure tour packages at reasonable prices.

We are best known for offering a wide selection of high capacity, big motorbike such as Honda 125cc, 250cc and CB 400cc. These bikes are made in late 1990s and they are very reliable offering you power and smooth operation. These bikes also guarantee a trouble-free and safe trip that is the most important thing for a motorbike trip.

Having dozen years of experience in travel industry, all of our team has been well trained. All of Loutssian People are born and grew up here in Vietnam. They come from different regions of Vietnam. They all know well their home land as they are local and they got a large knowledge of our tours insuring that you will have a local life experience!

In this part Lotussia Travel seeks to provide the most comprehensive motorbiking and motorcycling package tours that are well made by Lotussia tour guides and experts. Therefore keep in mind that we have a wide range of motor bike tours for both groups, independent motor bikers, from easy touring to physically challenges. In case you won’t find any option that matches your expectation or you just want to follow your own itinerary, then do not hesitate to Contact us